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Tips for Writing Sprints + Virtual Family Fun

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those of you who are almost done with National Novel Writing Month, hang in there. As things get crazy over the next few weeks I hope to carve out time to finish this book. I'm so close!

I didn't hit 50K words this year, but I had already written about that when I started. I was looking to get through the middle hump and all the Write-Ins and Virtual Coffee Chats really helped me to stay motivated. Overall, even if you don't go full bore on writing, #NaNoWriMo is definitely worth checking out. I have author friends I meet on there every year, and it's a lot of fun. You don't even have to wait until next November to take part. There's Camp NanoWriMo coming up in the spring. Less intense with all the camaraderie. Win-win!

One thing I did find was that writing sprints are super helpful when I feel like I'm just not inspired. The trick, I think, is to make sure you have a direction or end goal for the scene you're going to try to sprint write. Also I've found that I like the longer sprints of twenty minutes or more, but some people prefer as little as five minute bursts. You be the judge for what works for you.

The Winged Pen has a great post with more detail on how to prepare for and conduct a writing sprint. Though NanoWriMo will be over by the 30th, I think I'll keep up the sprints. If you'd like to try, there are some online versions like Write or Die, Write Club, or Writing Streak. If you know of one, let me know.


Virtual Family Fun

We've been social distancing at our house and due to California's lockdown it looks like family gatherings for Thanksgiving are off the table as well (no pun intended). The upside is all the travel and packing time is now free for fun stuff. I thought I'd share some wholesome family things I came across on the web this week...

  • Bel's Pies is a hot account on TikTok right now because she is doing a pie a day until Thanksgiving and I gotta tell you some of them look amazing. Plus, they aren't fancy with weird ingredients. Just yummy goodness you can make with your family.

  • Children's Author Mac Barnett reads a different picture book every Sunday at noon. Its great for kids w ho may be a little antsy and he so good with the voices.

  • Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence Mo Willems gives excellent beginning doodle lessons during lunch as well. Which are both fun and easy to do as a family. We recently did a Bob Ross Painting Night and if that sounds just too messy for your kiddos at this age, then this is a great alternative.

  • Balboa Park's Spreckles Organ Pavillion hosts an online concert experience every Sunday at 2pm with music ranging from rock and classical to Broadway tunes. My husband and I met there and takes me back every time. Great to have on while decorating cookies.


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