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Time Travel in The Last Bookstore + Book Recs!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Take a walk with me back in time as we peruse the dusty tomes in The Last Bookstore, a popular used bookstore in Los Angeles I had the opportunity to visit last week. The Last Bookstore, built into the skeleton of an old bank, is peppered with vault doors throughout the floors. I enjoyed the small offshoot rooms used for specific genres. The Danger Room had some interesting true crime and serial killer biographies, too. You have to take a traditional picture in the tunnel of books when you're there. The flying book art is also Insta worthy if you're looking for a fun photo. They also have vinyl and a rare book room for the more discerning of us who visit.

A friend told me that their classic sci-fi section was amazing and they weren't kidding. It was a time capsule back there. Thinking I was an avid Sci-Fi reader, I was surprised to discover so many authors with vast series I'd never heard of. I settled on one of my favorite authors, Arthur C. Clarke. I'd never read his beloved, The Light of Other Days, and snapped up a hardback copy I spied in the corner. My husband grabbed a Clive Cussler thriller. Some unexpected swag in the form of a sticker for my laptop and a couple of cool bookmarks was a nice touch. I missed out on one of their coveted t-shirts, though. They were sold out. But I'll be back for that zombie one for sure.

Speaking of books and cool finds, I came across a list of books coming out this year written by Latina author over on HipLatina. The list has one of my favorite authors, Isabel Allende, who wrote The House of Spirits. She has a new story out, The Soul of a Woman, that looks amazing. You should check them all out and support our fellow women writers. I'm starting Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia this month myself.

Since we're on the subject of books written by Latinas, I am happy to report that I finished my novel, The Stolen Stars, this past month! After several revisions and edits, I sent it off to my agent with my fingers crossed. We'll see how well a technothriller in near-future Silicon Valley is received.

Hope you are all making headway on your own projects. Let me know in the comments what you're working on or your favorite book from the list!


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