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Stake-Out Coffee & Dune Lovers' Lists

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

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Heading into October and STILL under the California 'stay home' order, it feels like Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, and other fall holidays are just going to be...different. I've taken to ordering Starbucks online, running in and out of the cafe to grab it, and then sitting in the parking lot to people watch. That's my big adventure lately.

I like to imagine I'm on a stakeout like in one of my novels, but I'm pretty sure the local workers who see me think I'm a nutty housewife stalking someone. Doesn't help that I wear gigantic black sunglasses to prevent sun migraines. One good thing, it's super easy to go vegan there now. Especially with articles like this one from Bustle, 9 Starbucks Hacks That Avoid All the Dairy. If you have a favorite plant-based drink you'd like to share, let me know in the comments.


I've also done a ton of reading. I'm currently in a 'book club' with my daughter and we

are reading DUNE. I'd read it in high school, but I feel like I'm getting a lot more this time out of the political and environmental issues he brings up. It's quite a good book, really.

I didn't realize how much philosophy about climate change and man's dominion over his world was present in the story.

One thing I've found interesting is the internal dialogue from everyone. I was doubtful that I'd like it, but I feel Herbert used it expertly to flesh out otherwise peripheral characters.

We plan on watching both the old version with Sting and the new one with Timothe Chamalama or whatever his name is. I hope its good. *fingers crossed*

Apparently, a great deal of people are either revisiting their old book favorites during this time. Wired had an article recently about how much eBook lending is becoming a part of the publishing industry. With offerings from Libby, Audible, and others, borrowing is up...but sales are down. Worrisome?

Librarians, who organized a boycott of MacMillan for their strict one-copy policy, say that lending allows readers to explore debut authors or those new to them without risk. I have found many new favorites this way. As an author, I believe libraries will be an ever growing force to be reckoned with. Who doesn't love to go and hang out with other book lovers? I've even given writing classes and readings at my local library and made some friends in the process.

If you enjoy books like Dune, I've got some great lists for you. One is by Book Riot, which, includes The Left Hand of Darkness by Le Guin as well as other women writers. The second is a list on Goodreads that is both comprehensive and impressive in its scope. This list includes Ender's Game by Card, another favorite of mine. If you know of any others, drop the link in the comments for all of us to check out.


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