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Seattle Dreams with a Fremont Vibes Latte

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

A writer's conference that I like to go to takes place in Seattle, Washington every year. Its so fun to escape the dry, balmy weather of my Southern California home and visit my brother and his wife whenever I get out there. I lived on Whidbey Island, which is off the coast of Washington State, as a child so I love the area.

So much so, that several of my novels are set in and around Seattle and the surrounding islands in Puget Sound.

My brother is amazing at taking me to places that locals love as well as the fun touristy spots as well to get a true 'flavor' of what Seattle city center is like.

My favorite place was Cupcake Royale, a sustainably run bakery with some of the best tasting flavors around. I am a huge fan of the Lavender.

But, hands down, the coolest place I went was Freemont. It is a neighborhood in Seattle famous for its counterculture and art. Its home to the the giant 18-foot tall concrete troll under the Aurora Bridge. People like to take pics on it or on the Volkswagen Bug its crushing in its left hand. This is my sister-in-law posing for an 'action shot' a while ago.

When I was writing Purple Knot, a romantic suspense set in Seattle, I really tried to pull from my memories of my time there. From the coffee shops to the hidden Pike Place bookstore where Reyna likes to escape the world, the sights, sounds, and smells of Seattle are woven throughout.

I always imagined my intrepid detective heroine hanging out with her high school sweetheart, Jimmy, on those colorful streets. Drinking that amazing Seattle coffee and blowing out vapor cloud breathes in the misty morning. The vibe of the neighborhood, the going against expectations and forging your own truth, really encompasses their journey as individuals and as a couple.

In honor of the amazing city that inspired me to write Purple Knot, I've created a tasty drink that is so totally reminiscent of the foggy mornings by the wharf. It has black tea, lavender, and a hint of sweetness. All under a frothy cloud of milk. Just the scent of it takes me back to rainy days and the bustling city. The recipe below makes two servings. I hope you like it!

To celebrate the beginning of summer and to touch off my Summer of Suspense, Purple Knot will be on sale for .99 from June 25th to June 30th.

If you make the Fremont Vibes Latte, please tag me with a picture of you with my book and the drink for a fun freebie! I love to see your pictures!

Next week, I'll be making some yummy scones inspired by my Gothic mystery, Whispers on Shadow Bay, so check back in for a lovely accompaniment to this awesome tea drink.

As always, I love to keep in touch with fellow book lovers so don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. You'll find hidden chapters, free downloads, and more recipes! Until next time, be well.


Here's the book the great city and people of Seattle inspired. If you like high stakes suspense with twists and unexpected turns, then check out Purple Knot.

Reyna and Jimmy's story is one of love and loss and fighting their way back for one more chance at love. This edge of your seat suspense that will set your heart fluttering in more ways than one.

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