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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The writing life is a weird one. You hide away to bare your soul to those whom your story reaches. It's both daunting and freeing. Early on, blogging was a source of encouragement when I was an aspiring author on the path to publication. I found a rich soil of motivation and ideas from which to grow my craft.

But novels are birthed with more than what occurs at the keys. So much of my behind-the-scenes research goes unshared, and that's a shame. For me, writing is an active endeavor. A creative, engaging process with mistakes, unexpected turns, and fortunate surprises.

I started Electric Dreams to share not only the professional side of being an author, but also what inspires me. I hope, you'll share what ignites your heart and mind as well. So, Welcome!

If you're interested in a blog about the craft of writing, check out the archive for The NiteWriter Blog.


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I share news on tech innovations and how they affect us, publishing industry news, updates on my near-future thriller books, and recipes from my characters.

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