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My Alien Places Bucket List!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

It finally feels like summer this week. After a long gloomy June we've got soaring temperatures and searing sun. My poor garden babies are struggling to survive this southern California summer, and so are we!

Since we can't go anywhere this vacation *thanks a lot 'Rona* I thought it would be fun to share my Alien Places Bucket List with you!

These are five alien-like landscapes that I draw inspiration from for my descriptions of off-planet spaces. Whether it's an errant asteroid, a lunar gate setting, or even Mars. I want to visit each of these earthly places and take selfies for my crazy writer wall of ideas. So without further ado...

The colors in these mountains are truly otherworldly. It's also a natural historical area with evidence of the hunter-gatherer culture throughout the heritage site.

These salt encrusted basins, lava flows, and hot springs combine to make an alien landscape that leaves an impression. Considered the 'Cradle of Humanity' by many, you can take guided tours!

Journey along the lawyered strata in red fields, explore lava tunnels, and hike to a gorgeous waterfall. This is one tour I hope to do soon. Its breathtaking to say the least!

Now this is the one that most reminds me of science fiction. In the book, Ender's Game, the alien outpost looks a lot like these rock formations. I wonder if Orson Scott Card was a fan?

This is my all time favorite. It's so incredibly weird-looking that you can't help but wonder if it smacked into earth from some strange planet.

Of all the attractions, it is the only man-made phenomenon on the list. Accidentally created when drilling tapped into a geo-thermal source, this monster-piece is owned by The Burning Man group. They offer limited access as it is often...well...erupting.


If you really like what you see, I highly recommend the BBC video, Space to Roam, by

Oregon based photographer, Andrew Studer. This film is not only breathtakingly beautiful, the music is ethereal and brings to mind the wonder of space. I hope you get a chance to check it and all the other cool space out either virtually or in person. If you do, let me know and tag me in your pic so I can see!

What are some favorite spots you and your loved ones like to visit? Do you visit more than once? I find that I'm always trying to find the next cool spot to explore so if you have any suggestions, let me know!


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