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Wind Reapers -- Raquel Byrnes
Wind Reapers

The Secrets of Crescent Point-- Raquel Byrnes
Secrets of
Crescent Point

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The Tremblers -- Raquel ByrnesNew release January 19, 2018!!!!!

The Tremblers
The Blackburn Chronicles, Book I

In this much anticipated YA, steampunk release—the first in the Blackburn Chronicles has left me breathless
for the second.

~Ashley Ludwig, Author of First Crush

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Ms. Byrnes creates a spellbinding read that draws readers into the center of everything, keeping them frozen until the final conclusion. 
~ Coffee Time Romance

A perfect blend of suspense, intrigue, and creepiness will draw you into this dark world, where only the light of God can penetrate. 
~ Nights and Weekends

Author Raquel Byrnes draws you into a world of romance and danger that will make your heart flutter in more ways than one. Check out one of her three series to start the adventure:

Find romance in the most unlikely of places in the Shades of Hope series. Follow private detective Reyna as she hunts her friend’s killer in Purple Knot.  Feel the pain of loss and the joy of hope amid the perilous city streets in Ruby Dawn.  Learn when treacherous forces align in the Deep South that love can overcome the impossible in Bayou Blue.

Stay up all night in a realm of secrets, strange happenings, and forbidden love in Raquel’s darkly thrilling Gothic novels, Whispers on Shadow Bay and Secrets at Crescent Point.

Follow Charlotte, a young Victorian debutante who must brave a world of air ships and dangerous rogues to stop a deadly plague in Raquel’s speculative fiction for young and the young at heart, The Blackburn Chronicles, an exhilarating steampunk trilogy. Now Available.

Currently working on a Sci-Fi Thriller, Raquel strives to bring edgy characters, breathless moments, and the promise of love to every story.

She likes to connect with fellow book lovers. Sign up for her newsletter for all the latest news!

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